Reduce your overall completions cost while optimizing efficiencies with a highly customized solution.

SECURE provides a variety of services to help you optimize your well completions, learn more about how we can help below.

Fluid Management

SECURE’s full-cycle integrated fluid solutions are designed to reduce volumes of fresh water used in upstream oil and gas operations by recycling sweet and sour produced fluids and frac flowback that is typically disposed of through deep well injection.

With the ability to source, transfer, treat, store and dispose of fluid we help our clients reduce their costs and experience greater throughput due to the capacity of our equipment, on–site process solutions, experienced personnel and scale of our facilities.

Recent successful integrated fluid management projects include sweetening on the fly, on-site treatment and monitoring in sour zones. Greatly reducing your water requirements and usage, saving you on disposal and trucking costs. 

Completion Fluids

With deep expertise in the science and technology behind completion fluid systems and solutions, our client’s trust us to custom formulate chemically engineered fluids for their specific needs. With an expert team of PhD and MSc chemists, we provide a customized solution for each client that is tailored to their objectives, challenges and location.

Completion Fluid Disposal

We understand our client’s needs and the importance of preventing delays in their operations, which is why we operate 24/7 full service facilities in locations throughout Western Canada. With advanced metering systems, we are a trusted source for providing accurate credits for recovered hydrocarbon.

Discover how SECURE can help with your completions needs and contact us to start the conversation: