Alcomer 72 L
Alcomer 72L is a highly efficient, cost-effective, thermally stable drilling fluid thinner or deflocculent.
Alcomer 74
Alcomer 74 is a cost-effective, highly efficient, thermally stable deflocculant or thinner with improved capabilities in high solids and contaminated muds.
Desco CF
A tannin-based thinner used in water-based drilling fluids.
Lignite is primarily used as a thinning agent in drilling fluids. It also aids in reducing filtration rates and acts as an oil in a water emulsifier.
SAPP is used as a strong deflocculant in fresh water systems and is commonly used in the dispersion of mud rings when water drilling.
TKPP is used primarily to treat calcium contamination in water-based fluids. It is also an effective dispersant for mud rings while water drilling and as a rapid thinner prior to cementing casing.