Matrix acidizing is used to stimulate carbonate bearing formations. SECURE Energy has a variety of acidizing packages available which can be used to repair formation damage, remove mineral scales, increase production from oil and gas reservoirs and increase injection rates for disposal wells. SECURE can provide a number of different acid packages based on a variety of acidizing fluids; these include: 7.5% to 35% HCl, acetic, formic and citric acid blends. Numerous base additives are also available which allows us to formulate a specific acidizing package which can be customized to the specific needs of the client.

28%, 15%, 7.5% HCl Acid
Strong mineral acid
60% Acetic Acid
Organic acid
85% Formic Acid
Organic acid
Organic Acid Blend 11%
Blend of formic and acetic acids
Acid Inhibitor
Acid inhibitors adsorbs and forms a layer on carbonate surfaces which helps reduce the acid reaction. Product effectiveness is dependent on acid strength and temperature.
Anti-sludge products prevent the formation of sludge which commonly occur when high asphaltene containing hydrocarbons are mixed with acid solutions.
Clay Stabilizer
Prevents clay migration and swelling in water and acid based fluid systems.
Iron Control
Prevents the precipitation of iron in producing reservoirs; these agents can work through iron chelation, sequestration or iron reduction.
Non-emulsifying Agent (NE Agent)
Non-emulsifiers are used to prevent emulsification of reservoir fluids but are also used to water-wet formations, reduce surface tensions, disperse additive and help prevent sludge.