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Patrick Pidgeon


H2S Scavengers

BiocidesMineral Oxidizers
Boiler ChemicalsO2 Scavengers
Clay StabilizersOil Soluble and Dispersible Corrosion Inhibitors
Cleaners and DegreasersParaffin
Combo Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors

Pipeline Chemicals

Completion FluidsRefinery Chemicals
DefoamersSand Suspension
Drag ReducersScale Inhibitors
Drilling FluidsSpeciality Chemicals
Emulsion BreakersStimulation Fluids
FoamersSulfur Cleaners
Friction ReducersWater Clarifiers
Halite InhibitorsWater Soluble and Dispersible Corrosion Inhibitors
Hydrate InhibitorsWater and Oil Corrosion Inhibitors